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random_chance [userpic]

November 11th, 2011 (08:40 pm)

current mood: good

Might as well get this done now. We forgot RP was canceled tonight so we're all kind of just hanging out now. Not that we don't do that alot anyway.

I like three day weekends. I got one, but Becky didn't, which is to bad. She should. She diserves it. But I did get some things done today that I needed to, so that's all good.

My folks aren't going to make it for Thanksgiving this year. They decided they'd just be able to come for one of the holidays since they came up for Derrek and Kristy's wedding, so they picked Chrismas instead. That's the best one to pick anyway. And my sisters will probly make it then too, though Betty's not totally sure yet. Guess we'll see.

Becky's making one of my faverite cakes tonight, so I'm gonna try and look cute and get scraps of peanut butter cups.